Saturday, January 26, 2013

Surname Saturday: CUPIT

This is my third entry in this weekly series highlighting each surname in my ancestral line. I am up to # 5 on my Ahnentafel Report at my Grandmother's surname of CUPIT.

1) Shannon Larissa RICHARD
  • [Living Private]
2) Danny Ray RICHARD
  • [Living Private]
5) Johnie Gertrude CUPIT
  • Johnie Gertrude CUPIT was born on 02 Mar 1933 in Antoine, Pike, Arkansas, USA as the second child of John Jefferson CUPIT and Beulah Gertrude WALTON. She had three siblings, namely: Buelah Maxine, Marguerite Lavon, and David Converse. She married J L RICHARD. She died on 26 Mar 2003 in Irving, Dallas, Texas, USA. She was buried in Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery in Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA.
10) John Jefferson CUPIT
  • John Jefferson CUPIT was born on 05 Sep 1905 in Antoine, Pike, Arkansas, USA as the seventh child of Isaac David CUPIT and Rosetta M. RILEY. He had eight siblings, namely: Zilibe E, Zelila E, Albert, Stella Mae, Madge Alden, Daisy Ernie, Josephine Alice, and Otist Odom. When he was 22, He married Beulah Gertrude WALTON,daughter of John H. WALTON and Gertrude VICKERS, on 16 Nov 1927 in Clark, Arkansas, USA. He died on 01 Mar 1977 in Friendship, Hot Spring, Arkansas, USA. He was buried in Gilchrist Cemetery in Friendship, Host Spring, Arkansas, USA.
20) Isaac David CUPIT
  • Isaac David CUPIT was born on 12 Feb 1857 in Franklin, Louisiana, USA as the fourth child of John CUPIT and Mary Elizabeth MITCHELL. He had six siblings, namely: John Roseborough, Mary, William Lee, James D., Jannetta, and Eliza A. When he was 36, He married Rosetta M. RILEY,daughter of Albert J. RILEY and Sarah A. UNKNOWN, on 10 Sep 1893 in Nevada, Arkansas, USA. He died on 04 Aug 1938 in Hot Spring, Arkansas, USA. He was buried in Gilchrist Cemetery in Friendship, Host Spring, Arkansas, USA. 
40) John CUPIT
  • John CUPIT was born on 22 Jul 1818 in Chester, South Carolina, USA as the sixth child of Daniel CUPIT and Janet ROSEBOROUGH. He had five siblings, namely: Mary Jane, Daniel or Samuel, James R., Alexander, and Janet. When he was 30, He married Mary Elizabeth MITCHELL on 27 Feb 1849 in Mississippi, USA.
80) Daniel CUPIT
  • Daniel CUPIT was born between 1775–1780 in Ireland as the first child of John Robert CUPIT and Janet LNU. He died about 1825 in Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA.
160) John Robert CUPIT
  • John Robert CUPIT was born about 1737 in Ireland. He served in the American Revolution. He died on 02 Feb 1802 in Chester, South Carolina, USA. He was buried in Irish Cemetery in Chester, Chester, South Carolina, USA.

If you descend from anyone listed above or can add or correct any information listed above, please contact me! I am just starting my genealogical research!  

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