Saturday, January 12, 2013

Surname Saturday: RICHARD

This is my first entry in this weekly series highlighting each surname in my ancestral line. I am starting with # 1 on my Ahnentafel Report at my surname of RICHARD.

1) Shannon Larissa RICHARD
  • b. [Living Private]
2) Danny Ray RICHARD
  • b. [Living Private]
  • b. [Living Private]
8) Troy Melvin RICHARD
  • Troy Melvin RICHARD was born on 20 Jan 1908 in Goldthwaite, Mills, Texas, USA as the second child of James Fredrick RICHARD and Nettie Mae PARKER. He had seven siblings, namely: Georgia, Euna May, Lee W, Beulah B, Rosie V, J T, and Allice. When he was 18, He married Della Mae JONES,daughter of Jeff J. JONES and Martha Emily DRAKE, on 30 Jan 1926 in Belton, Bell, Texas, USA. He died on 03 Feb 1983 in Grand Prairie, Tarrant, Texas, USA.  Troy Melvin RICHARD was buried in Killeen City Cemetery in Killeen, Bell, Texas, USA.
16) James Fredrick RICHARD
  • James Fredrick RICHARD was born on 30 Jul 1886 in Texas, USA as the first child of George Bogart RICHARDS and Mary Ann WRIGHT. James Fredrick RICHARD was also known as Fred.  He had one sibling, namely: Charles Daniel. He died on 06 Jul 1960 in Bell, Texas, USA. He was buried in Resthaven Cemetery in Bell, Texas, USA. 
32) George Bogart RICHARD
  • George Bogart RICHARDS was born on 20 Jan 1862 in Bell, Texas, USA as the tenth child of George Daniel RICHARD and Amanda G. ELLIS. He had nine siblings, namely: William, Abraham Washington, Melville Wilkerson, Martha, Frances Queene, Alice Mathilda, Ben. W. L., Catherine, and Emily. He died on 24 Jun 1939 in Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA. He was buried on 25 Jun 1939 in Rosemound Cemetery in Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA.
64) George Daniel RICHARD
  • George Daniel RICHARD was born in 1820 in Virginia, USA as the first child of Jeremiah RICHARD and Catherine ISLER. When he was 26, He married Frances Ellen LUDLOW on 15 Mar 1846 in Harrison County, Mississippi, USA. When he was 35, He married Amanda G. ELLIS,daughter of Benjamin Franklin ELLIS Sr. and Mary Ann WHITE, on 26 Jun 1855 in Bell, Texas, USA. He died in 1897 in Belton, Bell, Texas, USA. 
128) Jeremiah RICHARD
  • Jeremiah RICHARD was born in 1793 in Virginia, USA. He married Catherine ISLER. He died in Oct 1850 in Harrison County, Mississippi, USA.

If you descend from anyone listed above or can add or correct any information listed above, please contact me! I am just starting my genealogical research!

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