Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thriller: Bonnie Elizabeth PARKER (1910-1934) Post #2

This is my second entry in this weekly series highlighting the 22 month crime spree of Bonnie PARKER.

Bonnie Elizabeth PARKER was born on 01 Oct 1910 in Rowena, Texas, USA. as the second child of Charles PARKER and Emma KRAUSE. She had three siblings, namely: Hubert Nicholas and Billie Jean. When she was 15, She married Roy Glenn THORNTON, son of Wilmer Harrison THORNTON and Florence May MARCY, on 25 Sep 1926. She died on 23 May 1934 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, USA.

Bonnie PARKER'S second brush with the law occurred the evening of August 5, 1932 while attending an outdoor dance jamboree in Stringtown, Oklahoma. Clyde BARROW and Raymond HAMILTON were sitting in a vehicle drinking whiskey while other members of the Barrow Gang danced outside. Atoka County Sheriff C.G. Maxwell and Deputy Sheriff Eugene Clyde Moore noticed the misfits, while approaching the vehicle they noticed an open container of whiskey. Not knowing members of the gang were wanted for murder, Sheriff C.G. Maxwell announced them under arrest. At this point the gang opened fire wounding Sheriff C.G. Maxwell and killing Deputy Sheriff Eugene Clyde Moore, before he even had a chance to draw his weapon. Deputy Sheriff Eugene Clyde Moore was the first of ten law enforcement officers killed by the gang.

Atoka County Deputy Sheriff Eugene Clyde Moore

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  1. I to have the surname Parker, my father William Glenn & his sisters Martha & Grace mentioned when I was younger and they were alive that we are related to Bonnie Elizabeth Parker. My grandfather was Glenn Albert Parker. She would be my great great great aunt